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Logan RJHS
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Logan was committed to pushing himself academically. He had secured a sponsor and had just taken the entrance exam to Regis Jesuit High School the day of his accident. One of the key focuses of the Memorial Fund is to continue to acknowledge his passion and his journey by assisting individuals like Logan to pursue their dreams of reaching new levels of academic achievement.

The goal of the sponsorship is to help students that are primarily in need of financial assistance and match Logan’s ideals.

Madison Munger

Roslyn Ruano

My name is Roslyn and I am a freshman at Regis Jesuit High School. I am honored to have been chosen to be part of the Logan Bauman Foundation. Regis Jesuit has been an extraordinary change to me. Before attending Regis, I was at a public middle school. It was a drastic change in all areas, especially environmentally. I found out about Regis Jesuit when I was in 7th grade through a good friend and teacher of mine. He told me he could envision me at Regis, and he would help me every step of the way if it was something I wanted to do. After researching a bit more about it, I realized it really was somewhere I wanted to be. But there was a small problem; my family could not afford it. My mother stays at home to raise four children while my father works. Our father barely made enough to feed us all, let alone pay the rent. The tuition cost was way more than we could afford and as much as I wanted to go, I knew it was not going to be possible.

Fast forward a year, 8th grade rolled around. I had pushed the dream of going to Regis Jesuit aside. It was not until that year that the topic of high school popped up again. Coincidentally, I was given the opportunity to apply to Regis. This time, I made sure to search a little deeper and see if there was any way to attend even with low income. Financial aid was my answer. I applied to Regis along with financial aid and prayed I would get accepted. My parents were very supportive throughout this whole process, and they told me they would do anything possible to send me to the school I dreamed of so much. I got accepted to Regis Jesuit with financial aid and the Baumans took me under their wing. The Baumans are wonderful people, they have a really great purpose. From the moment you meet them, you can just feel this loving, protective aura. I want to take this time to thank the Baumans and those who donate to this wonderful cause. I really would have never been able to attend Regis Jesuit without their help. I owe them all my gratitude and will in turn be at their disposal for whatever they may need. Thank you!.”

Jovonnie Bautista

“My name is Jovonnie Bautista, I am a freshman at Regis Jesuit High School and I am graduating with the Class of 2021. So far I have learned to grown in many ways through the baseball, basketball, football, intramural club, and also through my brothers and sisters at Regis Jesuit. I do many things with my spare time. I help my father at work, take care of my dog King, and relax with my family and friends. I also love giving back to the community and helping others get through their day.

This new journey at Regis Jesuit has been incredible. As a freshman, I can feel pieces of brotherhood rushing through me every day I walk through the halls. Regis Jesuit is a place of comfort and respect. At Regis Jesuit I can be myself and help others that may seek for support. We communicate with each other, we build off each other. Regis Jesuit’s school work, teachers, and even fellow friends challenge me academically. Regis Jesuit has made me grow as a learner, I have grades that I never thought I’d have as a high school student. But the influences haven’t just made me grow academically, it has made me grow as a person of heart and confidence. All my life I have been confused on what I am going to do in my future, but Regis Jesuit is guiding me. I cannot wait until I graduate with these incredible boys and girls, to see where Regis Jesuit has guided us individually.

Regis Jesuit is most definitely a special place. It builds a person up slowly to where they really truly find themselves, to where they can succeed in the real world. The Logan Bauman Memorial Foundation is a one of a kind opportunity. This foundation allows me to go to Regis Jesuit and this was a moment I will never forget. I was told after school began that I had been chosen for a scholarship, I was shaken up, I didn’t know what to say or think. This family has created a spark in me that I have never felt before, I am not just a random kid to them. They have shown me their love and attention. I am so grateful to be receiving this scholarship, it is helping my family and I a whole lot. I thank Mr. and Mrs. Bauman for this amazing program. I also thank everyone who donates and helps with the Logan Memorial Foundation.”

We have recently been informed that our Junior sponsor student Jovonnie Bautista has moved to California and is no longer a current student at Regis Jesuit High School.  We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Jovonnie over these past two and half years. The time he attended RJHS he displayed incredible growth both spiritually and personally and thrived in the classroom as well.  We will miss the opportunity to see Jovonnie get to continue his journey at Regis Jesuit, but wish him much success in all his life endeavors.  We will keep you up to date as to our next steps in securing another student for the boys division starting next fall.

Past Graduates:

  • John Aya – 2013
  • Bethany Trantham – 2015
  • Spencer Chuck – 2017
  • Madison Munger – 2018